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Thanks to a close working relationship with “Aromawave”, we created a unique combination of 7 essential oils presented in a beautiful bottle. It is used in addition to treatments given in my practice or at the discretion of the needs and feelings of each person. "équilibre" (Balance) will bring you inner calm, help you let go and feel centered.

Its ingredients also promote dynamism, self-esteem and creativity.


"équilibre" is a spray made in Switzerland, 100% natural* with essential oils of Benzoin (absolute), Sweet Orange, Laurus nobilis, Bergamot, Coriander, Rosemary Cineol, Lavender Leaf Sage (14% concentration of essential oils).

*The majority of the plants in this blend are grown wild or according to organic farming standards.


One or two sprays over your head and in front of you (close your eyes), take two or three deep breaths. Visualize and feel the essential oils flooding and taking over your whole body with their benefits.


"équilibre" is also environmentally conscious. That's why it is possible to refill your beautiful empty bottles. This can be done at the office in Lausanne, by contacting us in advance.

Refill price: 24.-/50ml



Think of it as the ideal present for your nearest and dearest!

29.-/50ml (Postage & Packaging is included in the price for Switzerland)

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