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By using intermittent pneumatic pulse compression in waves, the Compex Ayre compression and recovery boots are designed to support and promote blood circulation in your legs, thus facilitating the elimination of accumulated toxins and lactic acid.

The boots are divided into 4 independent zones. They can be operated simultaneously or separately. Their operating power can be independently adjusted for each working zone, according to the specific needs of each individual.

Although they are particularly popular in the sports field, they are suitable for a wide range of people (adults), including pregnant women.

Pressotherapy through compression/recovery boots proves to be effective in situations such as:

  • Heavy and/or tired legs

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Leg soreness after sports/recreational activity

  • Sore or tense muscles, muscle pain and swelling


This method can be practiced alone or combined with your massage and reflexotherapy sessions.


30 mins


10x 30 mins


5x 30 mins


15x 30 mins


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