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PRIVATE CLASS (by appointment) 

Treat yourself to a moment of sharing and companionship in a warm and welcoming environment with your partner or a loved one, and take advantage of the opportunity to bring a touch of novelty to your daily life.


This course of approximately 4 hours is an introduction to massage/reflexology based on practice and takes place in a private setting.


All necessary materials and products are provided by the practice.


Course topics :

  • The different massage techniques (and/or reflexotherapy according to needs/ wishes)

  • Contraindications in massage, general and specific to your duo if existing 

  • According to your needs: learn, complete, validate or improve your massage techniques

  • Dare to touch and gain confidence

  • Learning the reflexology zones useful to your couple according to your history and your needs

  • Practical and personalized advice



Duration : about 4h00


This class is a gift that will surely be appreciated by your partner, friends or future spouses.

It is an ideal and original present to mark a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion.

 > Give them a moment of intimacy together!


Next dates 2024: 25th April at 1:30pm, 23rd May at 2:30pm, 1st and 17th June at 9am

This essentially practical course is suitable for anyone who wants to discover the wonderful benefits of ear candles.

Since no prerequisites are necessary, it is suitable for everyone.

During this course each participant will have the opportunity to practice and receive an ear candle treatment. Afterwards, a practical demonstration on the use of body candles will be given and explained.


Various topics will be discussed:

  • Brief history of ear candles

  • Types of candles and materials

  • Areas of use and contraindications

  • Safety rules

  • Particular use in relation to children

  • Practical use of ear candles and body candles

At the end of the course, each participant will be able to use the candles independently and in accordance with the safety instructions learned.


The price includes a pack of 10 candles. Two will be used during the course. The minimum number of participants is 4.


If you are interested, you can buy additional ear candles directly on the spot (10 candles / CHF35.-)


95.-/per person

Course material and a pack of 10 candles included

Duration: about 2h00


Dates 2024: January 13rd-14th / February 24th-25th  

Learn the basic gestures of foot reflexology and how best to use them in your daily life. This course, designed in two parts, is essentially based on a practical approach.

Basic theoretical notions will be covered, such as the origin of reflexology, its functioning, its contraindications, its use during pregnancy or with children or the elderly.

As an added bonus, throughout the 2 days, specific areas on the hands will also be shown.

Course made for professionals therapists.

Day 1: Learn the basics of foot reflexology and the location of a number (more than 50) of specific areas to massage on the feet. This is done to strengthen all body systems and support the body's ability to self-regulate.

Day 2: Participants need to have completed level 1 before attending level 2. 

During this second day we will dive deeper into the course and you will learn how to use processes in your daily life to relieve common ailments. For example, headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, back pain/numbing, digestive disorders and more.


All the information learned during these two days can be very useful to self-massage on a regular basis but also to benefit your family, friends or colleagues.

All the necessary material for the course and a course guide for each level are provided by the practice.


390.-/2 days

Duration : 8h by day (1h=60min.)


Continuing education recognized by


This course is intended for professionals therapists. It's worth like 16 hours of continuing education.



What classes are of interest to you?

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